Yesterday is Malcolm X’s birthday and the news implicitly supports chauvinism

Malcolm X, Malik al-Shabaz, was born on May 19 in 1925. He was assassinated in 1965. Incidentally, although his life followed a wide arc, the vast majority of his posthumous supporters conveniently ignore all the uncomfortable bits about his legacy. Incidentally the wholesale willingness to completely ignore the legacy of famous people, thereby disarming them of all danger or significance or intelligence, is the only real American pastime.


But right now I’m more interested in talking about the hilarious, knee-slapping news that popular music lyrics are now at a 3rd grade reading level. Of course, it’s not like anyone who cares about this news is interested in talking about the fact that Ernest fucking Hemingway also wrote at a below high school level. Some of his writing has been rated below George Bush speeches. That’s George Bush, who is famously depicted by every other political cartoonist as a monkey. The only people who really care about that news are people who just want to confirm their own cultural superiority over black people and poor whites.



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